frigo277KIOG Ltd. is a direct importer of tires brands Debica, SAVA, Fulda, Dunlop and Goodyear.

The company has its own warehouse for tires and machines for assembly, disassembly and balance.


Throughout its history the company DUNLOP always been the initiator of innovation. DUNLOP engineers are constantly looking for new technologies to make their tires most highly in all weather conditions.


Founded more than 100 years, FULDA produces high quality, exceptional value for money products. The quality of FULDA is the result of development of importance to you produce masterpieces for its domestic market: Germany, one of the markets with the most challenging in the world. From motorways without speed limits to alpine regions with severe winters, products FULDA always being developed to ensure safe driving in the most difficult conditions. the results of independent tests are proof of the quality of FULDA. FULDA is currently one of the leading brands in the domestic market in Germany, offering a range of high quality, reliable products for passenger cars, vans, trucks and agricultural machinery.

In addition to providing optimized set of advantages for the application for which was developed tires FULDA with attractive price and have the mileage and energy efficiency that so many consumers are looking for today. In the constant striving to meet the growing expectations and needs of consumers, FULDA offers a full range of tires for cars, covering all segments gear for summer and trucks and agricultural machines for different applications. This makes Ena of the leading brands in Germany.


Worldwide SAVA is well known as a manufacturer of high-quality tires that provide excellent levels of reliability and long life. It offers a great and affordable range of tires, which is a real alternative to the more expensive brands. Proven production technology of SAVA offers what most drivers considered the perfect combination: reliable tire behavior and exceptional value from a reasonable price and high mileage.

SAVA tires are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards and the most advanced machines in the world for the production of tires. They are the highest quality and comply with environmental standards.